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Profitable & sustainable revenue growth for your D2C brand.
Secure your spot for a free consultation and we will walk you through our entire process. You will see exactly how we use customer data to optimize your storytelling, your ads and your store. And as a free bonus, we will give you the first step of our process for free. (Scroll to learn more)

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What happens next?
Download your free guide
After choosing your time slot, you can download our free guide on how to start optimizing your funnel. It will show you exactly how to set up surveys and customer interviews to determine your brands real USPs.
We prepare a custom demo for you
In the meantime, we will analyze your store and your ads and create a customized demo for you and your unique situation.
You learn exactly how we would optimize your funnel and your store
In our call, our founder will talk you through the exact steps you need to take to drastically improve your conversion rate and profitability.
How we optimize your store
We help you fix your acquisition funnel. That is your ads, your landing pages and your store. This will increase your revenue, decrease your CPAs and net you more profit.
1. We find out who buys from you and why they buy
By running tried and tested surveys on your store and your previous buyers, we can find out three key things: 1. Who buys from you (target audience) 2. Why they buy from you (your USPs) 3. What makes them hesitate to buy from you (objections you need to address)
2. We bring all relevant metrics into one dashboard
By pulling all your key metrics into one dashboard, we can break down exactly what we need to improve to make your customer acquisition profitable.
3. We pick the perfect marketing channels & generate evergreen ad campaigns
Combining all of the data from step 1 and 2, we can tell you which marketing channels make the most sense for your customers and your product. We also generate a solution-oriented story around your product and develop evergreen ad campaigns for you.
4. We make your store lightning-fast, easy to use and magnetic for your target customers
We have a list of best practices from over 100+ Shopify stores we built. We combine it with the data we generated for you to create the ultimate shopping experience for your ideal customer. This will turn your store into a conversion machine.
8+ years of DTC experience and over 100 client projects
We have built and perfected our method across more than 100 stores. We started running our own online stores in 2015 and have been implementing our process for other DTC brands in 2020.
James Kirkby
Founder & Shopify expert
On average we increase the conversion rate by 233% in the first three months of our work. This more than triples your revenue without spending a single cent more on ads.
OONIQUE - 700% CVR increase
"James and Carina go the extra mile. You approach conversion rate optimization in an extremely responsive, professional and experienced manner. Our shop showed a strong increase in the conversion rate after just a few weeks. Further optimizations will follow. We look forward to further collaboration!"
Boris Hardi Managing Director
CLAIDE - 447% CVR increase
"James has managed to significantly improve our Shopify website in terms of speed and usability. The way they present our products has been optimized and the result is impressive. We have seen a noticeable increase in sales without having to increase our traffic effort."
Max Schimitzek Founder
ZEO Living - 250% CVR increase
"James and his team rebuilt our website and optimized our ads. We got a big boost in our conversion rate and see consistent improvements."
Sanja Schmid Ecommerce Manager
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